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Private Coaching for Women with Insomnia or Adrenal Fatugue or Both
There is HOPE!



When hormones start to shift towards Menopause, our familiar ways can fail us, our resistance to stress falters, and following old routines and strategies can leave us exhausted and depleted in frightening ways. If your are facing Adrenal Fatigue, you know the terrifying feeling in your solar plexus: you intend to move, and your body is so tired that it just doesn’t obey, your motivation has evaporated, you wake up exhausted even after a long sleep.


Recovery from Adrenal Fatigue is a long slow process, and takes patience and loving kindness for yourself as you reorganize your days to meet your new needs for healing.


Recovery from Insomnia is possible!!


My work is for women who are ready to go to any length to get the rest and restoration they need to feel whole and enthusiastic for life. This will require radical lifestyle changes that put you back in rythym with nature, your energy flow, and the Earth's healing cycles.


Simple self care principles and practices result in restorative rest. You will recover and claim your natural tide of energy, inspiration and impulse that arises from the deep Yin of rest.


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Private Sessions $120/Hour


For background information see a Youtube Video by
Dr. Claudia Welch on Hormones, Auyerveda, Stress & Rest


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