Lea Wildflower is Back from Spain!
After walking over 400 miles on the Camino de Santiago in Spain, I'm happy to say that I am back, rested, and ready to dive back into work. Although my feet took a beating, my arms and hands got to rest!

I relax people and get them out of pain.
I give them simple exercises and stretches they can do
on their own to keep them pain free.

I have been a working massage therapist for 26 years, and a massage teacher for 10 years.

Lea Wildflower, CMT  *  1004 Irwin St. B San Rafael, CA 94901
415-320-3819  *  leawildflower@yahoo.com

I base my work on my training with my Mentor, Al Chan, Physical Therapist, who has taught me to recognize and alleviate compression and rotationally based asymmetries, the root cause of  most muscular and structural pain, and how to address them with traction, de-rotation, anti-gravity massage and stretching. My training in Thai Bodywork is an inspiration for the deeply therapeutic work that I do. And finally, I have developed a unique method of using Hot Stones for Warming the Body and Soul, and for specific deep tissue bodywork. I have been a daily meditator for over 30 years now, and I strive to transmit deep peace to the people I touch.

I teach massage therapists how to do my unique method of Hot Stone Massage both privately and at The Massage Therapy Institute in Davis. My office is centrally located off the 101 in San Rafael, CA. I love to teach classes that help people live better lives, such as Self Care for Insomnia and Couple's Massage.

I feel really lucky and blessed to have discovered my life's work in my early 20's. I can honestly say that the path of service has been so deeply rewarding for me that it far exceeds what I ever thought was possible. I laugh with my friend and Mentor Al Chan about doing massage till the end of my life, and hobbling to work with a cane and still doing amazing bodywork!

Advanced Bodywork Sessions
Lea's therapeutic and relaxing work includes Deep Tissue, Therapeutic Stretching, Structural Balancing, Hot Stone Deep Tissue Massage, Thai Massage, and for integration, long soothing strokes and energy balancing. Lea uses firm pressure and stretching that seeks to meet muscle tightness without causing pain or resistance. Lea has special training to work with Sciatica, knee pain, hand, wrist and rotator cuff issues, and to balance spinal alignment.

"Lea is an extraordinary bodyworker. She has a unique blend of great hands, a comprehensive knowledge of different modalities, deep intuition, and an exceptional ability to listen. Plus she's fun to hang out with. If you truly love yourself, you'll get a massage from Lea."
–Jai Josefs musician/songwriter
Composer of Louise Hay's theme song "I Love Myself the Way I Am"

"Lea is an amazing, loving, nurturing massage therapist. I feel so safe, so listened to, so taken care when I'm with her.
I'm very sensitive and I don't get massage from anyone because my body needs to feel safe.
She cares so much and she is helping me with my upper back, shoulder and hands. She looks for information, I feel so taken care of.
My body is opening and letting go ....
Her space is beautiful, cozy." –Sabine, Feng Shui Consultant

"That was some extraordinary Bodywork. I haven't had it that good in a long time. You're such a lovely potent presence." –Tras

"You relieved my chronic migraine and relieved my back and neck pain from a recent car accident. I have only had infrequent migraines since. No more botox!" –Danielle

"Thank you so much for the massage - still feeling its benefits!
This was my first time working with Lea, and my first hot stone massage.
I have to say my massage was the most relaxing, rejuvenating massage I've had yet!
Her technique was awesome with the hot stones and has really helped me breath better!
I'd recommend Lea to all my friends!

"Thank you for the best hot stone massage I have ever had. I've had many massages, so I can truly say you are very experienced in your craft. Your touch is healing, and the massage itself was well paced. My daughter referred me to you; she said that she received a wonderful massage from you as well. I like your room too; it is clean, well decorated and conducive to relaxation. I will be back, and will refer my friends and family to you. Thank you for a lovely experience."–Evelyn

FYI Things I Do:
* Go to people’s homes
* Couple’s massage with a colleague in my office
 and in homes

* Thai Massage on a mat on the floor

* Sell Gift Certificates online & in person
* Work with insurance
* Corporate Chair Massage
* Massage at Events and Festivals
* Teach Couple’s Massage
* Teach Massage Therapists
* Teach Self Care Classes for Insomnia
* Take Visa, MC, Amex & Discover