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Relaxation is not a luxury, it is your birthright, and a necessary condition for health and feeling whole.





The Wildflower Method of Deep Tissue Hot Stone Massage:

Soothing Warm Stones deliver Deep Tissue Relief and emotional comfort, Includes Therapeutic Stretching & Energy Medicine with Polarity Therapy and Jin Shin Jyistu


Traditional Thai Massage:
Fully Clothed on Futon Mat


One Hour $108
One and a Half Hour $144
Two Hours $216

$27 fee for home service in Marin County



Lea uses structural observation to assess precisely where you need balancing which facilitates alignment that relieves pain and restores easeful movement.



When areas of intense tightness are met with the right resistance or strength, the Aahhh of letting go naturally occurs. Through years of experience, Lea has developed a keen sense of awareness that she uses to meet tight areas with appropriate pressure. Her skills range from light to deep. When you are met in your body with the proper touch, your nervous system can relax, and tension evaporates, placing you in your center, which enables you to act in true relationship to your own intentions at your own pace.



Sometimes a tight area lies deep under the surface, or is best met in a stretch. Lea applies Therapeutic Stretches that target specific areas and give deep relief.


Hot Stone Therapy:

Lea employs the deeply healing qualities of warm basalt stones in her bodywork. More than just a hydrotherapy method, Lea uses special heated deep tissue stones to access and melt away underlying layers of muscular and emotional tension.


Energy Medicine

Specific points are held to balance energy and settle the nervous system to induce deep relaxtion and all the body to rest and heal.


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